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There has always been change. So what is the difference between then and now? Today, it happens in ever-shorter and hardly perceivable intervals. Dynamic markets, real-time management and home-made complexity are the consequences – serving as the context for BUSINESS COACHING.

Better performance is highly sought after. Continually raising the bar of performance centred round the company’s success. A rat race in which “more of the same” just isn’t enough anymore to be ahead of the others.

Differentiating ideas, new impulses are needed to actively shape the future, not just administer the present.

BUSINESS COACHING serves as internal company consulting. You hand over your most important goals into the hands of the best consultant – into your own.

The mark you make is turned into tailored motivation that helps you and your team, the employees, to achieve their goals – not with good, but with excellent results.

I support you all along the way from being good to better to excellent! After all, each company is only as successful as the managers who act within it.

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Gedankenspiel EN


GEDANKENSPIEL (= playing with ideas and thoughts – an intellectual game)

It’s not about following goals which we believe we must achieve, but about identifying goals that we want to achieve and then defining what it takes to be truly successful.

To work on this, I offer you a time-out.

A time-out on the job, in which there is space for GEDANKENSPIELE. GEDANKENSPIELE that let you think of the impossible and also accept the uncomfortable thoughts. In a safe space!

GEDANKENSPIELE to take a step back, to see the woods again despite the trees, to find inspiration, to receive agenda-free impulses. GEDANKENSPIELE in which visions are born, strategies developed, in-situ problems resolved, complexity reduced, leadership and team questions discussed, ….

It’s about you – about increasing your subjects, your goals to be achieved and, ultimately, your performance. GEDANKENSPIELE work with two players, in teams or on a company basis.

In all cases, the objective is the same: to achieve the goal you want to. It serves as the starting point, and I support you along the way – from identifying the problem to implementing the solution.

Those who ‘play’ have to “match up”. That’s why I offer an initial, non-binding GEDANKENSPIEL during a personal talk – and when your own performance is important to you, we will find the right time for a time-out.

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Ueber Mich EN


Find out if it “works”! The foundation for exceptional success is a trustworthy relationship. And while building this relationship, I invest a lot of time in being able to understand your issues and where you want to go.

Posing questions, listening, being positively curious and creative … all of these are part of my key competencies and have been from the start.

Comfortably uncomfortable. Respectful. Results-centred.

Achieving goals, being curious, boosting individual performance and thus securing overall success while ensuring high satisfaction … these have been what drive me for more than 20 years.

20 years in which I have got to know many corporate cultures and working climates in companies and agencies both nationally and internationally – from positions as an apprentice to a CEO. In which I have experienced challenges in various markets and market dynamics, and have managed to achieve defined goals in uncertain times, too, with motivated teams.

Experiences which enable me to have empathy for the situation of whomever I am working with. An empathy which, at the same time, does not lead to a shift in my objective view to fit the individual situation – after all, I have become additionally qualified and certified systematically to ensure this never happens.

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Der geflügelte Elefant EN


Something impossible? A challenge? A symbol of the “heaviness of thoughts”, the “magnitude of the problem”, the “importance of the goal” that is to be achieved. Or the visualisation that I would like to be a reliable partner to you, solid as a rock in tough times – and have a very good memory to achieve this.

And the wings?

A symbol of the exceptional feeling of achieving goals, of having “made it” – soaring high, getting a flying start, being carried by success – success breeds success!

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My clients cannot be lumped together. They are as individual as the topics they bring along and which we successfully develop together.
The time-out-on-the-job works in every business constellation, regardless of whether it is a small entrepreneur, a start-up, a medium-sized company, a hidden champion or a multinational – DAX or NASDAQ-listed – group.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a young executive, managing director, partner or CEO who feels ‘lonely-at-the-top’. No matter whether individually or in a team.
The industries from which the topics originate range from: consumer goods (FMCG) to automotive, microelectronics, communication technology, financial services, communication agencies and international law firms.

I am convinced that I can also help you to take a time-out-on-the-job and in doing soto enable clear and targeted thoughts and finally extraordinary results.

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